Thursday, 3 February 2011

New Years Revolutions

It's been a while my friends, too long.  I looked back to see when I last blogged and it was much longer than I thought.  Now this I am sure is for many reasons, being at work I am busier and more tired, getting life back on track..however I think that these are more superficial excuses than reasons.  I think reading back over my last blog I was probably a little worried to 'expose' myself again (don't panic I mean purely on an emotional level!)
I was surprised by some peoples really honest and kind comments, and that people I know now have a little insight into the post big C me. 
I have missed the feel of the keys and the formation of ideas for writing blogs, poems, books whatever I can lay my grey matter on so I have turned it around and think that I need to get back on the word horse and write again. 
So here I am, with nothing deeply profound to say but writing; something, anything.  As I do it I know I have missed it and was a fool to be afraid!  Just another fear to add to the list!

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