Friday, 23 April 2010

Tans, Trousers, and Too much information!

Writing yesterday about my friends reminded me of all the great times myself and J have had over the years.  We met at university and were pretty much inseparable for four years.  She and I talked, laughed and worked together over the four years we were at university and to go into normal life not talking everyday or having kunch and dinner together was really strange.
At the end of our first year at uni we went on holiday together.  That in itself is a whole blog of fun but this is about when we got back.  We were away for two weeks, somewhere hot and I tan really easily and alas J doesnt!  When we got back to uni I was still very brown and J was still the same as when we left.  We were sat in a lab and everyone had been asking where I had been and not J, and I kept trying to be diplomatic and say she came too!!!  For some bizarre and forgettable reason we started comparing tans!  I think it was because we were discussing white bits and mine we pretty white!  Now I know that couldnt have shone out at university and got the attention of the lecturers, but from this day I think for one I may have stood out a little!  I wasn leaning forward showing my tan line where my bikini bottoms had been when this lecturer walked in.  I was leaning forward in my chair and pulling my trousers down a little at the waistline at the back.  I looked up to hear..."Stop stripping in my lab class" was the voice that boomed across the room.  I was mortified!  I am a very shy person about my body and I couldnt believe what I was hearing.  He then proceeded to ask what I was doing on December 20th....I stuttered "er nothing as far as I know" and then to everyones suprise he said "can you strip at out cricket club Christmas dinner". 
I honestly do not remember what happened next.  I think I blocked it out to be honest but those words still ring in my head!  I am sure there was laughing, and I am pretty sure that J was thankful, and probably still is that she didnt get a tan!

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