Monday, 26 April 2010

Trousers, Toilets and Too much information!

To continue and finish the story about the lecturer, thinks didnt improve with him!  In fact, fate consipred to embarass me until I left 4 years later.
There are two parts to this, neither of which went particularly well!  We did an experiment in our second year which involved testing diuretics (tablets that make you pee).  We had to either take a tablet (could be the drug could be placebo) or alcohol to test which had the greatest effect.  As I didn't, and still don't drink, I said I would take a tablet; of course hoping it was a placebo.  The aim of the experiment was to take the tablet/ alcohol,  then every 20 mins for 2 hours we had to pee in a measuring jug, measure how uch we had and take a little sample to our mate who analysed it for electrolytes.  Forget getting rid of animal experiments, what about us poor students!!  So I tolld the tablet and within 15 minutes I knew which one I had, it was the actual tablet and my god did I need the loo!  But we could only go at 20 minute intervals; they pretty much locked us in.  Then at 14:20 we were released and ran to loo's.  The boys were lucky as they had the loo on the floor we were on but I had to rush up the stairs.  I burst into the loo, measuring jug in hand to realise that I had worn the worst trousers I could!  They were combats, with a drawstring then lots of buttons, what was I thinking!  Well I guess when I got dressed it hadn't crossed my mind I would be engaging in such madness, just like I didnt when I enrolled on the course!  Anyway, for someone who normally hardly ever has a call of nature the next two hours were a nightmare.  All the while the lecturer chuckling away at our misfortune!  I got so dehydrated it was untrue and we had presentations to do that afternoon, I could hardly talk I felt so ill.  so he once again thought I was insane.....That was until in the final year when I sealed the deal!
We were in one of our last lab classes with him and we got chatting about some of the other experiments we had done.  To be faie he was out the room so you would have thought I was safe, alas no.  I said "remember the diuretic experiment, that was a nightmare" and as I looked down I relalised I was wearing those very combats.  Just as I started to speak the door in front of me opened as I said "I was wearing these trousers that day and I couldnt get them off quick enough"...he looked at me and just turned around and walked out.  I think we had a certain understanding, but I really wonder what he must of thought of me!  I am sure that what he thought couldn't have been further from the truth!

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